Omelet pans that all egg lovers should have in their kitchen

The most important meal of day is the breakfast and it is always said that it should be done like a king. A proper, timely and quality breakfast everyday ensures an energetic day and healthy body. Eggs form a very important part of our daily breakfast and a nicely done omelet is the perfect idea of a big breakfast. The quality of omelet depends a lot on the pan which is used to prepare it.

Selecting the best omelet pan


Other than the depth and size of the omelet pan, there are various other things which should be kept in mind while selecting the best one according to the requirement of user. A very important thing is the handle of the pan. A comfortable and heat-resistant handle allows a proper wrist work for handling the pan properly and making a perfect omelet. The design of the pan is also a big factor to be considered before purchasing. A shallow and curved design allows better cooking of the omelet as it can be flipped and turned easily. A non-stick surfaced pan should be used for cooking purpose as it prevents the omelet from sticking to the pan’s surface and requires a very little quantity of oil. Some of the best omelet pans are listed below.

Iwachu 410-555 iron omelet pan

This particular pan is made in Japan and is uniquely designed with a diameter of 8.5 inch. It allows even heat distribution because of its durable cast iron make. Its unique design and gentle curves makes flipping and turning of the omelet an easy task and the even heat distribution lets the omelet cook properly and perfectly. The handle of the pan is also designed in such a way that it does not get too hot while cooking and thus is easily handled by the user.

Nordic ware Italian frittata and omelet pan

The compact and hinge less designed pan allows users to cook their favorite omelets and frittatas easily by eliminating any messes and lets the food slide off cleanly because of the non stick coating. It comes with two handles and can be used on both, the oven as well as stovetop. Users can also make use of the two sided pan by sautéing their favorite veggies and eggs on either sides simultaneously. The aluminum construction of the pan helps in even heat distribution, which makes it best for making perfectly cooked omelets and frittatas.

All clad egg perfect pan

The all clad egg perfect pan comes with sloped walls and a flared rim which helps in easily flipping the omelet and sliding the eggs directly on to the plate without breaking them. The durable stainless steel construction of the pan consists of aluminum conductivity which helps in even heat distribution and making the cooking perfect. The three layered nonstick wide surfaced pan accommodates up to three egg portions and the contoured steel handles helps users to hold it easily while flipping the omelets.

Circulon infinite skillet omelet pan twin pack

The twin pack of circulon infinite skillet omelet pan consists of a 10 inch and 12 inch pan to fulfill the different requirements of different users at the same time. The 10 inch pan allows users to make the perfect shaped omelet and the 12 inch pan lets them sauté their favorite veggies easily by providing them plenty of room for this purpose. The pans come with hard anodized aluminum conductivity and a durable stainless steel base for the perfect results. They are suitable for all the induction, stovetops and glass tops.

TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese omelet pan

The Tamagoyaki Japanese omelet pan comes with a non stick surface and unique shape which is specially designed to make Japanese rolled omelets. It is available in two sizes according to the requirements of users which is 7.5 inch and 8.5 inch. The additional features of the pan include durable aluminum construction to distribute the heat evenly and a flat stainless steel bottom along with the non-stick coating done without PFOA, lead or cadmium.

Simply calphalon nonstick omelet pan

This 10-inch omelet pan is made up of hard anodized aluminum for even heat distribution and double coating of non-stick surface. The shape of the handle is quite unique and is very comfortable for the users. Additionally, it also consists of a tempered glass cover to make cooking faster and easier. The pan is perfectly suitable to prepare omelet for a large family as it is a bit bigger in size.

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