Inflatable furniture that works wonders for modern shoebox dwellings

If you have a tiny home, you need furniture that uses minimum space. Furniture that is huge and heavy is not for you. You probably have a foldable bed already which folds seamlessly into your wall. But tables and chairs occupy a lot of area and are not very aesthetically appealing.  There are some designers who have given some thought to this and come up with inflatable furniture. Yep.Chairs and couches and beds which can be blown up only when you require them. They are not only functional but can add charm and character to your home.

Anda Chair


This chair is the brainchild of a young designer Tehila Guy. It’s a response to her search for a unique design. It’s a flat-packed piece of inflatable chair . The transparent body is made reliable and functional by a wooden base. This see-through armchair will look gorgeous with soft furnishings in the background.

Blofield Inflatable Furniture


Blofield has been developing fabulous inflatable furniture for years. Their contribution to this genre of furniture is undeniable as they have been consistently coming up with functional yet beautiful designs. Their latest venture is the DoNuts design which, you got it, is shaped like a doughnut. The seat is in the shape of a doughnut with a table on top.

You can use this at home and take it outside too. Why not carry your own coffee table around anywhere you please and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a book in the great outdoors? There’s no chance of damage as the material is UV protected and waterproof. An electric pump inflates it in a few minutes and as it can seat up to six people, it’s ideal for picnics and camping.

The Nappak


The Nappak was developed by four enterprising students based on the theory of “power napping”. Many studies have proved that a “power nap” can increase the productivity of people. It’s designed keeping in mind the lack of space in offices for a bed to nap in. It can be electrically inflated into a half-closed sleeping accommodation in minutes.

After use, it can be vaccumized and stowed away. You don’t need to use a pump either – just have to switch it on and off. It’s an attractive orange color on the outside and a relaxing white on the inside. This funky inflatable bed is ideal for your tiny home too as it can be stored easily. You can use it at home, take it to office and catch a little “power nap”!

iMusic Chair


This chair is for music lovers. Just connect your iPod, iPhone or other portable mp3 music player that comes with a 3.5 headphone cable to the chair and put your device in the side pocket. The built-in speakers will play music of your choice – just sit back and relax. The speakers are not waterproof so never take it to the pool. It’s the perfect chill-out chair.

Beach7 AirLounge XL


A tiny home should not stop you from entertaining. Just take your party to the beach. The inflatable Beach 7 Airlounge can seat up to 30 people. It has two parts. An outercouch and an inner one which can serve as a table for drinks. It weighs 108 kg but you can manage it with a couple of friends. What’s a little discomfort between you and lots of fun! 

PUFF! Inflatable Metal Furniture


Inflatable metal chairs, stools and benches sound exciting. There’s no fear of drinks getting spilled on PUFF!’s metal furniture. Designed by Moran Barmaper, they can be inflated with a bike pump. Her DIY metal stools need no screws or glue to be fixed to the base, just the process of inflation tightens the metal on the base.

The Holding-Breath Chair by Ray Jiao & Yi Wang


The Holding Breath Chair collection by these two Chinese designers work on the principle of vacuum compression. The unique feature of this collection is that every seat can be fitted for each sitter, just by letting air in or out. There is a back pocket to store the pump and other things and it is attached to the wooden base with nylon strings.

Inflatable furniture gives you the option to save on space which is vital to a tiny home. The incredibly beautiful and smart designs add elegance and style to your home, making inflatable furniture the perfect choice for you.

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