Smart appliances that are a godsend for singles

Life as a single is exciting. Living alone you enjoy complete freedom to do as you choose. You are also totally responsible for yourself and your home. It’s quite a challenging task, as you must know. You have to do your own shopping, laundry and cooking. You have a hectic work and social life and you must stay on top of everything to run a smooth household. There are some smart appliances on the market which can organize every aspect of your life.

The LG Styler


The LG Styler is one of those smart appliances which any person living alone will want to have.It has a moving hanger which slides 220 times to the left and right to keep clothes wrinkle free. LED lights inside so that you can see clearly and aversatile rack system. Two exceptional features are: the True Steam which releases steam to clean and sanitize your clothes and Pants Press which pressespants with a sharp crease.The Aroma kit releases a refreshing aroma to imbue your clothes with a delicate scent. Best of all, the NFC Tag On allows you to control all functions through its Android OS.

iRobot Roomba 880


Switch on the iRobot Roomba and your coffee machine at the same time. This fantastic battery operated robot will clean the house for you absolutely on its own. You don’t even have to be present when your house is being cleaned. Its smart tech enables it to maneuver around most furniture, beds, along the wall edgesand curtains.

It can detect dirt and debris and clean efficiently, can sense where more concentrated cleaning is required and will clean accordingly. It avoids stairs, wires and other obstacles. It has a full bin indicator. Its rubber tread design reduces hair tangles and maintenance. You, have only two things to do – charge the battery and program the cleaning schedule for the week.

Belkin Crock-Pot belkin-crock-pot

You no longer have to go hungry or go to a restaurant. This smart device for your smart home ensures healthy meals every day. Just get the ingredients of your choice ready, put them in your pot and plug it in. You can choose from three temperature settings – High for shorter cooking time, Low for longer cooking time.

After cooking, it automatically goes to Warm. The LED display can be seen in the dimmest light. The best feature – you can control it from any smart device i.e. you can be anywhere and start the cooking process.The free WeMo App can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Amazon App Store or Apple App Store.

Smarter Coffee


The Smarter Coffee works with a smartphone app. You can start brewing your coffee from anywhere. It has state of the art burr grinder with a strong steel casing. It comes in three colors – red, white and grey can match with your color scheme.

Family Hub Refrigerator


This appliance will revolutionize your kitchen experience. It has a Wi-Fi enabled touch screen through which you can manage your grocery lists, recipes and watch your favorite TV programs and movies. The FamilyHub’s built-in high res camera clicks a photo of your fridge every time you close the door and sends it to your phone. You can access these with the Samsung Smart Home app, and know what’s in your fridge at all times. The Triple and Metal cooling features keeps food fresh longer.



The SmartPlate will never let you go beyond your calorie intake for the day helping you to stay fit. It is 10” in size to avoid portion distortion, weighs what you eat and tracks your eating habits without any manual data entry. It’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled so you can connect it easily to your phone or tablet.

iSommelier Smart Decanter


iSommelier decants your wine within minutes instead of hours. The flavors and aromas remain intact and you can control the temperature at which you want to serve the wine. It removes all pollutants and moisture. You can connect with the device through the iFavine app to choose your aeration programs and connect directly with winemakers.

These smart appliances which help in every aspect of life, from cleaning, cooking, organizing are meant for singles who live alone and have to manage their homes without help, and make household chores stress free and fun.

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