Insanely cool home decor ideas that will blow your mind

A home offers you safety and a place to unwind after a hard day at work. Home is one of the most special places of for us, it is not only built along the lives of the people we love, but it is built around our precious memories, which last a lifetime. It is a place where we invest our time, energy and heart to make it look nothing but the best. While you do have the traditional forms of decorating ideas, you can always take it to a very different level by getting inspired from some really insane but cool ideas. In this article, you will discover some insane home decor ideas that can transform your nest into a cool and amazing one.


Ceiling library above your office space

For people who work from home, there is nothing better than to have an office space. Now you can transform this space into something different and unique by having your library collection in the midst of the ceiling instead of the traditional racks. This is perfect especially for people who work in professions where they have to keep on referring various kinds of materials for their jobs. To access the library, you can have a stepladder placed to climb up, or you can even get one, which can roll up and down when needed.

Glass walls with a lowered reading room

If reading books is a passion that your entire family loves to share, then this idea is perfect for you. Now you can display your entire book collection by building racks just below the ceiling and placing your collection of books there. To get the best view of your outdoor garden, long glass walls will do the trick. What adds to the look is to have a nice seating arrangement that is lower than the ground level with a few steps to move around.

Office or study table inside the wall

If space is a constraint in your house, then it is natural that you would have to think well before you decorate it. Now you can save the same space by using the walls. In this concept, you can build a study table within your wall and have a door to cover it. This is similar to the concept of a cupboard but the difference is that you can have your study table and a few shelves to store things.

A walk in bathtub for small bathrooms

The worst part about small bathrooms is that you cannot do much with them. While this is the general thinking, this idea shows you a very different side of things. Having a bathtub is one of the luxuries that many people love to have. However, due to the shortage of space, this is not possible in a small bathroom. Well, you might have heard of the walk in closet concept, now it is time for the walk in bathtub. This serves the dual purpose, you can sit on this nice bathtub without worrying about the size of your bathroom.

Bathtub in the form of a hammock

Who said that a hammock has to be made from cloth, now you can have a uniquely designed bathroom where your bathtub is designed in the shape of a hammock. Not only does this make your bathroom look different and stylish, but it is also perfect for small spaces where you cannot have the benefit of a large sized bathtub. To top it up, you can have a built in Jacuzzi, a few speakers for some relaxing music, and your very own personal spa in your bathroom.

Indoor tree house for the kid’s room

Children love to play in tree houses, however, when it comes to living in apartments, the restriction of space and various other formalities may not allow you to have the pleasures of an outdoor tree house. Well now, you can build one indoor itself and make your kid happy with a tree house in his or her own room. The one thing that you should keep in mind is to ensure that you have a good base to support it so that your child’s safety is not at stake.

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