Inspirational, Color Filled Décor Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Gone are the days when individuals used to opt for neutral color palettes for their homes and the time is over when kitchens used to feature monochrome colors with minimum patterns. The modernistic kitchens feature splashes of bright colors that highlight individual areas. The more recent trend involves highlighting the kitchen cabinets, a previously untouched area of the kitchen. Therefore, if you are intent on adapting this trend, here are some inspirational color filled ideas you can choose for your kitchen.

Yellow Brightens

Yellow is the perfect option for those looking to enhance the visual appeal of their kitchen without giving too much space for the color choice. In addition to offering a visually appealing, sunny hue to the kitchen, it adds just the right punch of color and fashion to the area, thus making your kitchen look stylish, elegant and functional.

The good thing about yellow is that it is very bright and imposing. Therefore, adding just a little bit of yellow in the kitchen via cabinets can brighten up the space and offer the perfect juxtaposition. For instance, a largely grey kitchen space can get an immediate life via bright yellow kitchen cabinets above and below the countertop.

Blue Inspires

The great thing about adding the blue color in home décor is that it is very inspirational. In addition to offering a cool and tranquil vibe to the surrounding space, it is sure to create a meaningful impact in your kitchen. For instance, you can paint the cabinets with dark navy blue color, which would add some much-needed sophistication to an otherwise casual, laidback kitchen. Add some brass or silver hardware to the look and you will have an amazing kitchen that absolutely screams classiness.

Turquoise Dreams

Some of us tend to refrain from using bold colors and even go to the extent of using monochrome looks for entire homes. If you like the same then consider painting the entire kitchen in one cool color. For example, a bright turquoise color can do wonders when used on the kitchen walls and cabinets.

Emerald Green Gives Depth

Want to add the touch of luxury to your kitchen; consider painting the kitchen cabinets in colors like emerald green that offer depth and lavishness. Opt for a rich hue for the cabinets and throw in some brass hardware to give a luxurious feel that would leave a lasting impression in the mind of anyone who walks into the kitchen.

Forest Green Refreshes

If you want a refreshing style for your kitchen, think about painting the kitchen cabinets in colors like forest green. Combine with a white palette and you will have a kitchen that not only looks roomier, but classier as well.

Red Gives Detail

Not many people choose red color when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets. However, opt for the color and you will be surprised with the way it highlights the intricate details that otherwise would not come out. Moreover, they make the kitchen look more contemporary and chic.

Purple Allures

The color of royals, purple offers an alluring touch to the kitchen cabinets that would stun visitors for sure. A bright purple hue on the kitchen cabinets would offer just the right amount of color against a neutral background without appearing too overwhelming. Add some wooden tones to the look for a modernistic appeal.

Lilac Softens

For a softer touch, look for soft shades of lilac. A lilac colored cabinetry would go great against a dark grey and white backdrop.


Adding a splash of color to your kitchen via the cabinetry is an excellent choice for those who do not want to spend much on repainting the entire kitchen. These shades can simply bring life to your kitchen.

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