John Gaspar’s Aura Wall Lamp is a Reflection of Emotions and Innovation

Many of us love creative lighting at our homes, as well as outside our homes. Still, we may not always get something that connects to our emotions. However, you can now enjoy the light of a beautiful creation called Aura Wall Lamp. This lamp may not only get your emotions attached to it, but may also give you a soothing feel when you sit under its light. Find out more about this wonderful creation by designer John Gaspar for Marset.

The lamp design inspiration

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Aura Wall Lamp has taken its inspiration from a very simple item that is a traditionalglass carafe. Such a humble thing may be present in almost every household, and the glass is something that generates a collective memory. Thus, people may actually connect their sentiments to it. While the inspiration of this wall lamp is taken from the roots of a culture, it is still given a rational design.

How Aura is designed

Aura has a contemporary design based on LED technology. It also makes this wall lamp quite efficient in terms of power consumption.The lamp is made of transparent glass. Its glass shade allows the light to spread uniformly in all directions. In addition, this opalescent lampspreads light in varied colors that are relaxing for users.You will not find any sign of harshness in its luminous effect.

How Aura brightens up your space

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While it is simple in looks, its simplicity does not affect the way it can decorate your home.The wall of your home can actually bathe in its wonderful and attractive light. Whether you love the shades of green and blue or want your lights to turn pink and yellow, you can fulfill your wishes with this wall light. Even when it is switched off, it appears cool.

Aura Wall Lamp is something that can be a great talking point when your guests arrive at home. It makes your entire space interesting and leaves an emotional footprint that is not easy to ignore. It can be a source of life for those who may choose to live with it.

Aura Wall Lamp is a beautifully designed product that can link to people’s emotions. While it offers attractive colored lighting, it is also a great LED option that can save power for you. Fit it in any corner of your room and it will blend well.

Source : Sohomod.Com

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