Tovala Oven Can Be Your Best Friend and Personal Master Chef

Cooking food can be a real task for people who remainoccupied in their daily life. While some people get tired after a day’s work, some others lose interest after they complete their workouts and other activities. For all such individuals, nutrition and healthy food remains on the backburner.

However, Tovala has now come up with a wonderfully designed smart oven that can help people in cooking chef-prepared meals perfectly. Know more about it and see how this multifunctional oven can change the way you cook food and eat.

The design and appearance

Tovala is an easy-to-use smart oven that seemsclassic and smart. This elegant and stylish oven carries a minimalistic look. When you cook food in it, you only need to scan the barcode of your chef-curated meal and then press its Start button. Tovala will take care of the rest. It prepares your food within 10 to 30 minutes.

How Tovala works to benefit you

The oven is designed to work like a combination oven used by professional chefs. In such an oven, the food can be steamed and baked, as well as broiled and convection heated. All the functions take place automatically, depending on the dish you have put inside the oven.It will actually work along with a food delivery plan,in which you will be supplied delicious meals created by masterchefs. As you receive your meals at your doorstep, you will not need to undergo any preparation before adding your raw meal into the oven.

Tovala can also be connected to your smartphone

Tovala can also be connected to your smartphone via its app. This lets you design your custom ways to cook food in your own style. You can experiment by programming a combination of cooking techniques with set timings and temperatures.

You can alter your combination of wet and dry heat to bake, boil, convection, and steam anything you desire. Thus, you can execute any recipe with perfection in the same oven that has the ability to switch between different cooking techniques. For waste reduction, Tovala will send you its own reusable containers.

Product usefulness

While you will be able to cook in multiple ways through this oven’s high-end technology, you will also be able to save kitchen space, time, and efforts in cooking healthy food. While your food will have the restaurant taste, its nutrition will not be compromised in Tovala.

Even if you have leftover food, this oven allows you to reheat it so its texture and taste can be maintained. Finally, there is a variety of options for everybody, ranging from a low-carb diet to a gluten-free recipe. The entire cooking process is clean, green, and fresh.

Tovala is a new-generation product that is smart and efficient in terms of cooking and serving food to you within a short time. With Tovala, you can conveniently cook and eat anything you desire.

Source : KickStarter.Com

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