Kelly Behun and Alex P. White at R 20th Century Gallery

Kelly Behun and Alex P. White of kelly behun |STUDIO are showcasing a new line of studio furniture at the R 20th Century Gallery in a show called AFTER (Sep. 20 – Oct. 27, 2012). The collection includes limited editions pieces and various murals and original wallpaper designs. The line includes a beautiful side table that shows paint dripping off it like a waterfall. In total, there are six tables and pricing for these custom pieces starts at a cool $5,000. The new furniture line presents the design firm’s innovative vision for contemporary interior design.

The AFTER exhibition is also displaying vintage and modern works from R 20th Century, which have been selected by Kelly Behun and Alex P. White. Interior designer Kelly Behun is wife of iStar CEO Jay Sugarman.

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