Knight Cube is an all-in-one power bank and flashlight for cyclists

An enthusiastic cyclist requires two things most dearly: oneheadlight to ride safe in the dark and  second, an alternative source of power to keep phone and other devices juiced up all the way. Since good quality flashlights can cost fortunes; Mankis has designed the Knight Cube, which features a flashlight and a handy powerbank.

What is the Knight Cube?

Designed completely for cyclists, the Knight Cube comprises a body and a generator. Unlike any ordinary powerbankthat only charges electronic gadgets, the Knight Cube can also automatically generate power as you cycle. Fitted with a storage battery, the Knight Cube also stores excess electric power generated while cycling.

In addition to being detached from the main body and used asa power bank, Knight Cube can also be used as a multi-functional outdoor LED flashlight that showsyouway in the dark. The flashlight with five different brightness levels also makes it ideal for conditions where therange of light is low.


Knight Cube (1)

Supporting an elegant and minimal design, it can easily charge gadgets like mobile phones, GPS devices, camera and tablets. The flashlight-cum-powerbank weighing 398 g is heat and corrosion resistant device that comes with an ultraviolet coating for additional safety.Designed to handle any calamity and weather condition, the Knight Cube is IPX6-level waterproof, making sure that you have a safer ride even in odd weather conditions.

How Knight Cube works

The Knight Cube charges with the movement of the cycle; as the cycle wheel rotates, the generator connected to itbegins to rotate. Creating energy that cuts through the magnetic field,creating an electromotive force. The energy then flows into a connected electronic device to charge it. When the connected device is fully charged, the Knight Cube stores away additional energy in its accumulator (battery), which can be used as a power bank.

How to Use the Knight Cube

Knight Cube’s main body can be easily attached to the handlebar of the bike, while the generator can be fixed between the front wheel fork. Then, with the help of corrosion free wire, the generator is attached to the main body of the Knight Cube that allows the energy to flow into the device. Coming with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, it can be easilycharged in 3-4 hours, but only if you are pedaling between 15-30 km/h.

Source : Pozible.Com

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