These Lagoon Coffee Tables Can Take You to another World

Who does not love the use of marble in their furniture and other items at home? However, it can even change the meaning of marble furniture if you look at the wonderful creation of designer Alexandre Chapelin. He has designed a coolseries of coffee tablesthat even stay unique from piece to piece. It means that he will not create any two of his marble tables alike, though the design concept would stay the same.Find out more about his special La Table.

What is different with La Table?

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La Table is designed with an inspiration of turning a simple piece of furniture into something artistic. It is also open for custom creation so it can give a reflection of its owner’s personality. Itwas actually thought by the designer to keep it contemporary, as well as make it stunning.In such a case, any kinds of materials like wood pieces, recycled stuff, and even alloys could be embedded in resin to give these tables a unique and vibrant look. When we especially talk about the Lagoon series of coffee tables, these are built to display an aquamarine environment.

La Table design and creation

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This series of coffee tables will give you a feel of secluded beaches. You can find the use of marble and resin to develop these tables and give them their natural artistic effects. In the Lagoon series, you can notice that there is depth in its sea design. Thus, the sea will appear very natural against the land. The mere effect makes an entire piece of furniture outstanding and highly innovative.

To create these aquamarine tables, the designer has used sliced marble layers so depth can be depicted easily. On top of it, he has poured resin. However, several levels of sea show varied hues of blue designed using a special formula. All this makes this table series extraordinary. Still, the designer has not made two same pieces, as he wanted to keep every piece unique.

How good is La Table?

These Lagoon coffee tables are great to be placed in your home, especially in your living room. While you will feel like you are actually sitting near the sea on a beach, your guests will also find it pleasing. Additionally, the natural table design makes it suitable for any surroundings and corner in your home.

The Lagoon coffee tables have a unique blend of a beach design with the durability of marble. These tables can fit anywhere to give people a wonderful natural feel while they sip their coffee.

Source : ThisIsColossal.Com

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