LUNGS dehumidifier houses plants to add greenery to your living area

LUNGS dehumidifier

Changing the face of dehumidifiers, French designer Aude Massoni has come up with an innovative dehumidifier concept called the “LUNGS” that apart from maintaining the level of humidity within the room also adds greenery to your living place. Featuring a tray to hold plants and earth bauxite, the sustainable dehumidifier also works as a natural battery, as soon as you add some water to the acid soil and electrodes placed in the tray.

Producing energy to feed a cooling cell located on the top of the dehumidifier, the LUNGS flows humid air from top to bottom through the reaction in the trey, as the cooling cell releases the air from water via condensation. Operating independently, the self-regulated dehumidifier redistributes the water to the plants through little channels to produce dry air and stabilize the humidity level inside the room.

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