My World lounge system literally brings your world to your living room

My World lounge system by Philippe Starck_03

You may find different trendy and comfy sofa sets or lounges in the market but most of them lack the functionality to support the constantly changing nature of our day-to-day works at home. Addressing the issue, French designer Philippe Starck has come up with a simple yet hi-tech lounge system called the “My World” that is not only beautiful and comfortable but offers a functional design. Featuring a modular design, the trendy lounge system lets the user remain in contact while relaxing.

Developed for Cassina (IT), the My World sofa comes integrated with power outlets to connect/power your portable gadgets, together with a Powermat wireless induction charging pad to remove the clutter of charging cords from you relaxing or lounging area.

Currently on display at the Salone del Mobile in Rho Fiera 2013 (from April 9th to 14th), the hi-tech sofa also includes privacy dividers and can be assembled to accommodate in any sized room or accomplish different tasks. Hiding all the wires elegantly in a side table drawer to ensure a neat or clutter free area, the modern lounge system literally brings your world to your living room.

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