Luzi Knows How to Make You Sleep Well

Is it a problem falling asleep every night due to multiple disturbances and lighting issues? Now, you can gain a good night’s sleep with a very smart lamp called Luzi. This lamp has been designed to stay connected with yourphone so you can use the latest technology to make it function optimally. Find out what this cool light can be helpful in your daily life.

Design and appearance

Luzi has a classic and elegant appearance. It has wonderful material finish and a smooth design. Its screen is integrated with its stem, which gives you a minimalistic structure. Even the technological elements,such as its Bluetooth speakers, are fitted inside the lamp’s base.It has a cutout in which a digital screen is installed. This part always remains in front so you can notice it clearly, even at night. The lamp has a semi-translucent look that gives you a hint of the inside assembly once it is lit. You also find a premium sound system in the lamp.

Functionality and usefulness

Luzi  (1)

Luzi is not an ordinary lamp that lights up some space. Thissmartand neat device can be controlled effectively using voice commands if you have synchronized it with your smartphone using the Luzi Sleep App. The lighting can be set according to your requirements. For instance, you may not need the same light setup while sleeping cozily as you require while reading in bed. Thus, you may even set up its mood according to yours.

In fact, you can also control sound and temperature in your bedroom, as well as Luzi’s communication system by altering its settings. It understands your voice commands amazingly while giving you helpful suggestions on sleeping without worries. While you may set alarms on it, you may also use its therapeutic light and music with low-frequency sound when you cannot fall asleep.It has options of soothing sounds, white noise, and guided meditation to support your sleep. Such options are available in its LuziSleep mode.

Apart from this, the lamp provides four USB ports to charge your personal gadgets. You can even charge your gadgets wirelessly by putting them on its charging platform. Additionally, you receive a small separate charging stand, designed especially for your Apple Watch. You may not have to worry about your gadgets anymore. Thus, this $269 lampcan ensure that you remain peaceful and gain healthy sleep that helps you wake up fresh and fit.

Luzi is a smart lamp that keeps you healthy by giving you healthy sleep.By talking to it and personalizing its light, sound, and temperature settings, you can gain relief from your stress and sleep properly.

Source : Indiegogo.Com

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