Make your Instagram photos huggable with Stitchtagram pillows

Almost everyone loves Instagram, the famous photo sharing and editing app. The free app lets users play with their photos and share them on social networking services. If you are one of those who are simply addicted to Instagram, you are surely going to like the custom pillows by Stitchtagram, which bring your Instagram photos to the real world. Stitchtagram from Washington, D.C. is selling handmade pillows that they make with your own Instagram photos. If you want to design an Instagram pillow for yourself or your near and dear ones, you’ll have to login at the website with Instagram and design the pillow yourself.

Run by brother/sister team of Doug and Rachel Pfeffer, Stitchtagram digitally prints the photos on a linen-cotton canvas. The back of the 15-inch soft pillows has been done in a dark navy color with an envelope-style closure. Stitchtagram also lets you print photos from your friends’ accounts, if they give the permission. You can choose from two types of templates – 2 x 2 square with four photos or 5 x 5 square with 20 photos. If you like the idea of sleeping with your Instagram photos, one Stitchtagram custom pillow will cost you a mere $64.


Via: DigitalTrends

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