Little Oyster side table opens up to give you a chair and a secret compartment

Multifunctional furniture units are all the rage these days owing to the ever-shrinking living spaces. Every now and then, we come across unique designer furniture pieces that transform to serve more than one purpose. Same is the case with the beautifully designed Little Oyster side table that doubles as a comfortable club chair and storage compartment. Created by Al-Hamad Design, the Little Oyster is made from Zebra wood and leather from Moore & Gills. When you lift up the tabletop, you get a chair to sit on and when you further lift the seat up, you can find the spacious secret compartment.

Moreover, the Little Oyster side table by Al-Hamad Design also comes with built-in lighting, so that you can find your stuff easily inside the storage area in the dark. The Little Oyster was exhibited at the ICFF this year.

Via: Gizmodo

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