Ripple floating vases by oodesign make flowers dance on water

Ripple floating vase by oodesign

To date, we have seen so many designer vases, but the Ripple Floating ripple vases by Japanese brand oodesign stand apart from the crowd with their ingenious make. These vases have been shaped like ripples in the water and allow users to place flowers into a PET formed resin void that floats casually on the water. Interestingly, the plants inside the container change their position with respect to the movement of the air. The floating vase is disc of clear plastic that resembles water ripples and floats in any water body.

All you need to do is to put the vase in the water and balance a single flower inside it. Once done, the magic begins to blow your mind.  Currently, oodesign is temporarily shipping Ripple Floating vases only inside Japan. They will respond to orders/inquiries from overseas very soon.

Floating ripple vases by oodesign

Ripple floating vase 1

Ripple floating vase 2

Ripple floating vase 3

Via: DesignBoom

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