Mirrors by Miior extend off the wall to improve your posture

Miior Mirror

Interior-oriented Polish brand Miior creates intelligent and functional objects for homes. The innovative Mirror collection by the brand has been designed to address the simple problem of leaning towards the mirror whenever you need to do your makeup or get a smooth shave. These wall mounted extendable mirrors integrate patented Axio-Link technology that allows users to manage the distance between the mirror and their faces for maintaining the right posture. An integrated touch sensor lets you turn the LED light on and off with the simple touch of hand.

The Miior collection of extendable mirrors is available in three models – AL, ELLA and DOT. AL is a modern type of mirror. ELLA mirror has a feminine, modern appearance. The DOT is a modern mirror that embodies all universal design principles. Miior was founded by was founded by two brothers, Grzegorz and Wojciech. All the three Mirror models by Miior, with their elegant looks, can find their place in any modern bedroom and bathroom.

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