Nído Cord Keeper has soft silicone donuts to handle the cable clutter

Nído Cord Keeper 2

Organizing wires and cables at home or office is a serious business. While there are plenty of colorful and fun solutions on the shelves to tackle the cable clutter, industrial designer Christopher Santos thinks that most of these cord keepers lack any sculptural or aesthetic home decor appeal. As a solution, he has designed Nído [nee’-doh] Cord Keeper, an ornamental tabletop solution for managing those cords and cables. Whether in use or not, the donut-inspired Nído blends beautifully into your exiting décor.

The cables nest in between the soft silicone donut shapes and stay in place until you need them. Cables can either be taken out for easy access or can be discreetly hidden underneath the donuts. Each donut shape is filled with a soft material and has a wooden CNC lathed spool that allows the donuts to move up or down freely. The Nído Cord Keeper’s wooden base comes in walnut or white oak finish.

Nído Cord Keeper 1

Nído Cord Keeper

Nído Cord Keeper 3 Nído Cord Keeper 4


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