No-Ha 2.0 combines door handle and lock in one minimalist unit

A true innovation, No-Ha 2.0 allows users to open and shut the doors quietly without a visible door handle.  The barely visible No-Ha 2.0 integrates door handle and magnetic lock in one box, and can be assembled like any other door lock with utmost ease.  The No-Ha 2.0 uses SMAC magnetic opening and closing system, which makes for silent operation and flawless looks. An ergonomic study of the forces needed to open a door led to the development of an internal kinetic design that requires little strength to use the No-Ha door handle.

The built-in spring mechanism lets the position of the flaps adjust automatically according to the thickness of the door. With the No-Ha 2.0, there is no need for a handle, restrictive objects like a rosette and the handle can be completely concealed by going for the same finish as the door and walls.

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