Belit Bag – A bean bag beautifully lit with LEDs

Bean bags are fun and functional. If you are on the lookout for a bean bag that has some style with a difference, you need to check out the Belit Bag designed by Aakanksha Rajhans. The Belit bean bag comes lit with LEDs to add playfulness to your space. When not in use, the Belit Bag can be molded to be kept anywhere inside the room as an artistic piece. The bean bag features a transparent outer casing, with the inner side filled with thermocol balls that account for the light weight of the structure.

The LEDs produce stunning, soothing light when traveling through the transparent gel in the middle space. When a user sits on the Belit Bag, the pressure changes generate energy for the piezoelectric cells to provide juice to the LEDs. Whether it’s the living room, man cave, a teen’s den or a kids room, the Belit Bag makes for a great addition.

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