Orchard lamp by Bambooed is inspired by the bamboo grove

Highly functional and playful at the same time, the Lumed Orchard lamp by Bambooed is both a work light and a room light. Inspired by the bamboo grove, Orchard lamp glows and charges itself when you connect it to the charging dock. When there is the need for a single lamp, the user can simply take off the lamp from the dock and use it separately for work. When the lamp needs charging, you can replant it in the bamboo grove, which is the charging dock in this case. The Orchard’s concrete charging dock features embedded electronic components for charging each single lamp.

A multicolored LED shows you the remaining charge. Each Orchard LED lamp comes with a dimming control. While turning the knob dims or brightens the LED, pressing it turns the lamp on or off with the click. Each Orchard lamp features an internal battery pack and has a heavy bottom, which helps it stand stable when placed on the table.

Cheers! Bambooed

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