Cyclogenesis Table speaks of the severe storms that hit Melbourne in 2005

Martin Davis, whose design philosophy is based on originality and not reproduction, creates one-off modern handmade furniture pieces for his clients, with Australian hardwoods as the main material. The Cyclogenesis Table from his collection is inspired by the 2005 Melbourne Thunderstorm, a severe weather event that occurred in February 2005. The Cyclogenesis Table is made from timber that was taken from the trees that fell down in the parks of Melbourne during the heavy storm.

One Feb. 3, 2005, Melbourne witnessed 113mm of rain, 104 kmph winds, 985 hPa of air pressure, 13.5 degrees Celsius temperature and a peak wave height of 12.5 meters at the entrance of Port Phillip Bay. Many rainfall and temperature records were broken in the course of this sever weather event. All these figures have been inlaid on to the top of the Cyclogenesis Table behind a cold front symbol.

On the symbol’s front, they have set the table legs vertically. The legs are tilted at random angles behind to portray the chaos of the storm as it passed across eastern Australia. The resin legs also integrate objects found on the ground in the parks.

Cheers! Martin Davis

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