PinPres shelf lets you organize the kid’s room in a playful way


Keeping kid’s room clean and organized is a real task for parents, for they not only have to maintain the hygienic but also have to manage books and toys, scattered all over the place, to keep it in a good shape. To make the act of systematizing the room easy and playful, here is an innovative shelf called the “PinPres” that adjusts according to the storage needs of the user. You can modify the shelf to store toys, books and many other objects with ease.

Featuring the body finished in natural pine plywood or white lacquered, the PinPres shelf includes the pins made from natural Beach wood  painted in four different colors, which users can choose according to the interior of their place. Measuring 100 x 110 x 47 cm in dimension, the handmade shelf is available for €2,100 (around $2,733). Apart from being functional, the PinPres shelf also presents an artistic design to boost your home decor, while encourage the kids to clean up or manage their room.

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