Poppit Chop & Top takes good care of those onion halves

Quirky Poppit

Who would have thought that someone would ever design something to take care of those leftover onion halves? There are times when you do not need whole fruits and veggies for your recipes and have to store the halves. In order to address this small but important issue, Yolanda Jackson has designed Poppit, a nifty product with concentric layers that provide a tight seal on any exposed food item, from onions to oranges. An upcoming Quirky product, Poppit Chop & Top container enjoys a collapsible geometry that accommodates different sized fruit and vegetables.

All you need to so is to push the halved food item into Poppit’s surface and the silicone rings expand to take care of the rest. Yolanda Jackson thought of creating the Poppit after seeing too many onions going bad in her fridge. The dishwasher safe Poppit concept has been widely admired by the Quirky community and is most likely to interest all housewives out there.

Quirky Poppit 1

Quirky Poppit 2

Quirky Poppit 3

Quirky Poppit 4

Quirky Poppit 5

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