Portable space heaters that provide warmth while saving energy

 Vornado DVTH

Electric space heaters can help you save a lot of money by cutting your electricity bills. The portable ones are easy to carry around along with the energy saving attributes.

Vornado DVTH

This portable electric space heater just weighs 4.06 lbs. and is less than a foot in height. You can carry it virtually anywhere. The heater has an adjustable thermistor and has two heat settings high and low. The heater differentiates itself from the other space heaters by the ‘vortex energy efficient technology’ that warms up the room in minutes by circulating the warm air rapidly.

The controls on the Vornado are digital, when the temperature is set, the automatic climate control takes over adjusting the heat and the fan speed to maintain it on the set level. The conventional heaters turns off when they reach the set temperature and then turns on after a while, so the room gets cold and then warm again. This cycle is not experienced in the DVTH thanks to the climate control feature.

The manufacturer of this portable space heater is pretty confident of this made in America product and hence gives a 5-year warranty on it. Good Housekeeping rated the DVTH as the “Best Overall.” The safety features include an auto-safety shut down, the heat element is non- glowing, the body does not heat up and for the sake of children, the grill spacing is very less.

Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater

The fully functional remote control of the Lasko heater makes the operation of the appliance at ease. The most admirable feature of this electric space heater is that it can rotate full 360 degrees to warm the space around it. The appliance is easy to carry around, as its height is just 25.” The ergonomically designed space heater has a power consumption of 1500 watts.

One can adjust the heat to high, low or automatic mode. Keeping in mind the user’s comfort the Lasko 6462 has been designed to sweep at three different angles, 90 degree, 170 degree and 360 degree. The appliance has a 3-year warranty and comes with a number of safety features including auto shut off. There is a digital display to show the temperature and the heater is fitted with an easy to clean filter. The user just needs to assemble the base of the heater to start using it.

Dyson’s AM05                      

Perhaps one of the most expensive portable electric space heaters in the market, the Am05 fan heater is one of the coolest too. The device appears to be right out of a sci-fi flick, looking like a device that would produce some sort of a signal to call a super hero. The sleek fan heater uses a trademarked technology known as the Air Multiplier Technology. The heater using this technology expels a powerful gush of air. The heater heats the entire room rapidly as the heat is thrown out further than the other space heaters.

There is no need to put away the appliance in the summers, as it is a fan too, a powerful one. The company claims that the fan sucks in 6 gallons of air to produce the cooling effect. The device has an intelligent thermostat that helps in maintain the temperature of the room.

As soon as the requisite temperature is achieved, the heater is switched off and later it automatically switches on, thus saving energy. It comes with a remote control that controls all the major features. The AM05 weights just 5.5 lbs. the height of this portable appliance is 22.8”.

The performance and efficiency of the electric space heaters makes them a sensible choice, especially when the user wants to warm a limited space like a room instead of the entire house.

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