Making decoration more creative with vertical gardens and green walls

 green decoration

You can fulfill your quest to have beautiful flowers and lush green plants even when you don’t have a big space for a garden. The concept of a vertical garden is space saving and attractive to the human eye. There are various styles to create a green wall to beautify your premises. A vertical garden can be developed both indoors and outdoors.

You can grow herbs of your choice along with veggies in a vertical garden. A green wall is good from the health point of view and enhances the aesthetics of the building. You can adopt an idea from the ideas given here to beautify your home or office.

Fern and moss on the wall

The combination of light and dark green on a wall will create a lively atmosphere. It could be done both indoors and outdoors, in your balcony or living room. A large wooden frame can be mounted on the wall to plant the moss and the ferns. To an onlooker the green wall will appear like a painting of living plants.

Using soda bottles as planters

This is one of the most unique ideas for a vertical garden. For this, you can start collecting the plastic soda or juice bottles in a good number or just in case, if you already have a lot of them, you are good to go then. Carve out a space in the center of each bottle to place the plant of your choice. Hang these planters with the help of threads on the wall you wish to beautify. The more the number of these planters on the wall the greener and attractive will it look.

Wall fashion

To decorate your wall with plants you can let your creativity flow and develop a new concept altogether. Get a wrought iron stand made in the shape of a tree, with iron rings to hold flowerpots at the end of each branch of the iron tree. Place beautiful flowers in the pots and hang them on all the rings. Alternately, you can grow vegetables in these pots to create a tree shaped vertical garden.

Vertical garden on a wooden wall

You can recreate the patio area at your house by building a vertical garden out there. On the fence or a wall in the area, fix wooden planks on a sizeable part of the wall or the fence. Fix empty tin containers on this wooden wall and plant the plants of your choice in them. You can fix the containers of varying sizes to get more visual appeal. If you wish, the wooden wall may be stained and the containers on the wall can be painted.

Cluster of plants

This can be a part of your existing garden, perhaps a separate section to sit and chat in the company of lots of plants. The first thing that needs to be done is erecting bamboo fences. Take a thick cloth and convert it into a pouch or a bag. Plant the flowers or plants that you like in these bags. Make sure that you use these pouches and plants in abundance.

A kitchen garden in the kitchen

Pretty interesting, having a kitchen garden in the kitchen itself would be fun. You can make use of an old cupboard to plant the plants. Else, a wooden wall can be created and then cloth bags or tin containers with plants can be hung on them. Imagine the aroma of the fresh coriander or mint grown on the vertical kitchen garden in your kitchen.

This eco friendly and space saving way to decorate your house or office is the new in. Catch up with the latest trend and be in the spotlight.

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