Pure Coffee System ‘The Tower’ serves perfection to your preference

A coffee connoisseur knows very well the value of a fine cup of coffee and to impress such individuals, Bryan Runyan of Pure Solutions has designed the Pure Coffee System “The Tower”. Featuring solid steal construction and hand blown glass, The Tower cold water drip coffee system combines a unique technique developed in Japan with a unique design and advanced technology. The 38” high and 12” wide Pure Coffee System makes for a sure conversation starter in any setting. With “The Tower,” there is no need for power or the coffee filters.

The coffee made with the Pure Coffee System is simply smooth and is good for sensitive stomachs, thanks to the low acidity rate. They have used laboratory quality glass for the unique coffee system. It takes the slow drip system approximately 8-12 hours to serve you a perfect cup of coffee that will stimulate your senses.

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