Washing machine concept for 2030 comes with a coloring system

Designed by Joana Liberato, in collaboration with Ingrid Aguiar, this concept washing machine for the year 2030 combines an elegant design with advanced technology. The proposed washer concept features Wi-Fi connectivity, so that the user can access all its functions via a smartphone. The transparent front panel lets users see inside the machine when it’s in the running mode. In case, you don’t like it transparent, there is even the possibility of applying a screensaver and customize it through Wi-Fi uploading to make it look like a picture frame. The user can even control the functions with voice commands.

Moreover, the washing machine for 2030 comes with a coloring system, which lets users color the fabrics in no time. A gentle pressure system opens the door and a small compartment on the left lets user introduce various cleaning products, which could be needed while doing the laundry. The glass on the front is a touch screen panel, which features four simple menus, including the cycle power, battery check, screensaver application and coloring system. Do check out our washing machine buying guide and the list of electricity-free washing machines.

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