Quirky presents Shuck, an easy-to-use garlic peeler and crusher

Shuck Garlic Peeler 1

Quirky, the social product development firm, has given us a plenty of nifty products in the past, including the Tech Tape, Poppit Chop & Top, Rock Pot, Clutch ladder system, Tetra kitchen timer and the modular Crate system. The latest we have from Quirky is the Shuck, a dual-function peeler and crusher invented by Paul Patrocky. Offering a new spin of the design and functionality of garlic peelers, the Shuck lets you shape, peel and press with utmost ease. Operating Shuck is quite simple.

All you need to do is to pop a few unpeeled cloves into the shaking capsule and shake it in style. In just 10 seconds, you can transfer the peeled cloves into Shuck’s base, remove the peels and then use the capsule and base as a mortar and pestle to crush the freshly peeled garlic. The stainless steel base and cap also helps remove the garlic scent from your hands while washing.

Shuck Garlic Peeler 2

Shuck Garlic Peeler 3

Shuck Garlic Peeler 4

Shuck Garlic Peeler 5

Shuck Garlic Peeler

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