Reasons why you should choose cellular shades for your home

Cellular shades, or the honeycomb shades you call them are window treatments that are as functional as they are beautiful. Available in a variety of colors and materials, honeycomb shades are budget friendly, maximize energy efficiency and more. We have brought a list of reasons why you should choose versatile cellular shades for your home:

Light control

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Your room has a number of glazed doors and windows, which means a lot of sunshine everyday enters in your room. However, you feel a need to reduce the amount of light entering in, as it heats up your room much more than you want, and the upholstery and artwork fades. You should choose cellular shade as a window treatment, as it allows just enough light to enter in. Moreover, you can adjust its height as per your light requirement.

Color options

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Cellular window shades are beautiful owing to their design and color options they are available in. Just pick a neutral color for the side that faces window, and just about any color that tickles your fancy for the side of the shade that faces your room. Pick colors that complement other colorful elements of your interior décor and see what beauty honeycomb shades add to your room.

Insulation properties

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Insulation is must for rooms and windows, and honeycomb shades do it quite well. Depending upon your home’s requirement, you should invest in the most energy-efficient cellular shades. Long, open channels present in the shades trap air, thus insulating a room from cold winter winds and hot summer air. This will enable you use less energy to heat up or cool down your rooms, eventually saving quite a lot on monthly utility bills.

Good level of privacy

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One thing that makes people love cellular shades is the privacy they allow people to have in their home. Available in different materials and design, you can ensure these blinds offer you the much-required privacy. For instance, you can hang these blinds covering just two-third of a window and have light and privacy in your room altogether. The two layered cellular shades serve offer tremendous privacy and they absorb noise as well.

Suit both doors and windows

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Cellular shades are apt for windows, and are equally suitable for doors as well. The glazed doors in your home look fantastic only if you do not cover them behind drapes. It seems drapes are just not meant for glazed doors but cellular shades are. Hung on doors, they look pretty; enhance privacy and energy efficiency of a home.

Energy efficient

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Cellular shades are energy efficient, and you can choose their type as per your requirement. They are available in two types- single cell and double cell (two air pockets). This design serves a very important purpose, which is energy efficiency. Double cell cellular shades are suitable for areas that are quite warm. The shades reduce the amount of heat entering in.

Available in a variety of opacities


Unlike other shades or drapes that come with a standard level of opacity, cellular shades come with a variety of them. Available as sheer, opaque and semi-opaque, cellular blinds allow you to control how much light you want them to pass through them. Sheer blinds let maximum natural light enter your room and they offer lesser privacy. Moreover, sheer cellular shades are exclusively available in a single cell. If you desire greater privacy and less natural light in, you can go for semi-opaque cellular shades. For your bedroom, or for a blackout effect, choose opaque cellular shades.

Cellular shades are popular window treatments that add sophistication and elegance to a home décor. Besides they aredurable and energy efficient, which adds to their functionality.

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