Feng Shui tips to create positive energy flow for your bedroom

Feng Shui aims to balance the positive and negative energies of a space in order to make the latter warmer, comfortable and welcoming. Adopting basic Feng Shui principles when designing and decorating your home can go a long way in making your home a haven for you as well as your loved ones. Accordingly, here are some Feng Shui tips for one of the most important rooms in the house, the bedroom.

How does Feng Shui Work?

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Feng Shui works on the principle of harnessing the qi energy that flows throughout the house. This can be done via the use of appropriate colors, décor arrangements, furniture placement, lighting arrangement and sound reduction etc. Harnessing all these elements in a home ensures that the latter is peaceful and full of positive energy for the inhabitants.

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is the place you turn to for relaxation and quality time together after a hard day’s work. As such, the proper Feng Shui tips will help transform the room into a delightful sanctuary for you and your loved one.

  • Remove Anything Reminiscent of Hurtful Past

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It is always good to bury the past when deciding to move ahead. So ensure to remove anything and everything that might remind you of hurtful moments that happened in the room. These may include photos and gifts from ex-lovers which if present in the room will definitely dim your love life for sure.

  • Give Attention to your Bed

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When starting a new life, it is considered essential to buy a new bed. Do not go for second hand products here as you never know what kind of positive or negative energy might come with it. Avoid beds with under bed storages as they tend to block the flow of energy around the bed. Make sure you buy a bed with a solid headboard preferably round in shape.

The placement of the bed plays a very important role in dictating your love life in the bedroom. The bed should neither be placed directly in front of the door nor should come between the door and window. This will affect the flow of energy in the room.

Place the bed diagonally opposite to the door. Also ensure to place the bed in the center of a wall and not against one side of it. The bed should have proper place on both sides in order to signify equality in the relationship. Also note that if you want to keep a table lamp or nightstand next to the bed, you need to get identical ones and place them on either side of the bed for positivity.

Another Feng Shui tip is to avoid placing the bed beneath a window. If there is no other option though, cover the windows with a heavy blind to minimize the effect of the same on the bed and its occupants.

  • Remove Clutter from the Room

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In addition to getting rid of things that remind you of the past, remove all kinds of clutter from the bedroom. Feng Shui principles dictate that the more cluttered the bedroom is, the more negative energy it tends to accumulate over time. So make it a point to tidy up after getting up from bed every morning. This includes making the bed, removing dirty clothes and getting rid of other knick knacks lying around. This will leave more space in the room for positive energy to enter and flow about with ease.

  • Keep the Work, Entertainment and Exercise Zone away from the Bedroom

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The television can be a big distraction in the bedroom and can potentially stop you from giving more attention to your loved on and vice versa. So keep it out of the bedroom. The same goes for exercise equipment which needs to stay away from the bedroom lest you want it to keep reminding you of your flabby arms and belly. As for work, keep your work desk away from the bedroom. There’s nothing more annoying than looking at a desk filled with deadlines and commitments when you are just about to hit the bed after a tiring day at work.

  • Purify the air with Essential Oils

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A stale smelling bedroom will not be alluring at all. You can either use an air purifier to clean the indoor air or use essential oils to give off a pleasant smell. This will make the room more welcoming for sure.

  • Use a new coat of Paint

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Sometimes, the worn out look on the walls can create a negative impression that sticks with you. Opt to give the walls a fresh coat of paint in skin tone colors. Not only will this make the bedroom look better, but it will make the room feel more relaxing and sensual as well.

The bedroom is a very important room in your house. As such, you can ensure that it remains as peaceful, relaxing and sensual as ever by following a few basic Feng Shui tips.

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