Irsap presents new Relax Twin Power radiator for contemporary homes

A modern style statement for the contemporary homes, the new Relax Twin Power radiator by Irsap enjoys clean silhouette and geometrical precision. The Relax Twin Power radiator promises high performances, even at low temperatures, which is courtesy of the company’s patent pending ventilated radiating panel. With the forced ventilation, this decorative radiator has heating capacities up to 2000 watts. The Relax Twin Power comes with a sliding door that helps the owners cleaning and maintenance.

The minimalist yet modern Relax Twin Power radiator fits perfect in any space setting and adds life to the home décor. You can control the radiator with utmost ease, as it comes with intuitive ON/OFF and BOOST function, so that you can regulate and control the temperature to your liking any given time. Thanks to the touchscreen and included wireless control, you can enjoy the warmth without leaving your seat.

The Relax Twin Power radiator from Irsap is available in vertical (1963mm x 537mm) and horizontal variants (663mm x 1009mm). The characteristic and stylish radiator boasts heating capacities from 605 to 2036 watts.

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