Hallo Light presents an adjustable version of classic Potence Lamp

Inspired by the simple design of Jean Prouve’s classic Potence Lamp, German studio 45 Kilo, comprising Philipp Schöpfer and Daniel Klapsing, has developed a wall-mounted task lamp named “Hallo Light” that you can adjust to fulfill your lighting requirement with minimum fuss. To regulate the lamp, all you need to do is slide a leather loop, holding the shade, along the arm.

Integrating a diagonal wire, which extends from the top of the head mounted on the wall, keeps the arm steady at 90 degrees that the users can lean towards the mounting by sliding the leather loop along traps to change the direction of the light.

Capable of shifting the height of the head and to become a concentrated spot light, the adjustable version of the classic lamp offers a simple but at the same time functional light for contemporary workplaces. Featuring an elegant and minimal design, in comparison to its classic predecessor, the Hallo Light allows a great control and flexibility, thanks to the height-changing mechanism, to adjust the light with minimum fuss.

Via: Dezeen

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