Relaxing Shallow Swing potato chip chair for your garden

Designed in the shape of a potato chip, the relaxing Shallow Swing garden chair features a circular base that has been twisted to create two pairs of high and low points that face each other. Designed by Gisbert Baarmann, Germany, the Shallow Swing potato chip chair looks like a hyperbolic parabola and has a large fabric-covered wooden frame that has been laminated for weatherproofing. Perfect for both sitting and rocking while also offering protection for sun, the inviting garden chair enjoys a saddle shape, which allows the fabric to stabilize the frame.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the potato chip chair uses the “Stamisol” brand of fabric by Ferrari. The laminated wooden frame comes in light, medium and dark wood shades. Winner of Red Dot design award, the Shallow Swing garden chair is available in a range of colors and can be printed with any logo or messages to suit your liking.

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