Savage Chair makes much sense for sophisticated users

Recycling has opened up new gates in the field of product designs for modern designers, for recycled designs not only offer vast possibilities to play with their creative ideas but also helps in sustaining the environment and reducing the waste around us. Communicating the importance of design to people in a much more familiar manner,  South Korean designer Jay Sae Jung Oh, chosen as one of Korea’s best rising artists by Societe Genrale Corporate Investment Bank, has designed a creative piece of furniture named “Savage Chair” that presents a unique blend of art and function and that too while being environmentally friendly.

Amassing discarded plastic objects to wrap them in a natural material (Jute), the Savage Chair makes much sense not only for green users but also for sophisticated users. Reflecting our present cultural condition of profusion, the artistic chair presents an amalgamated form and looks more a sculpture than a chair. Measuring 56” x 44” x 42” in dimensions, the sustainable chair turns ordinary into extraordinary and makes a strong style statement.

Source: Sae Jung Oh


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