Scary chair made with resin, wood shavings and human hair

Scary chair by David Mahoney

We have seen some bizarre furniture pieces to date, including the Gutsy chair by Cao Hui, Sentient Kitchen by Christine Chin and the Zombie furniture by BRC Designs. The latest creepy creation with us is the Scary chair by David Mahoney, which has been created using a new composite material made from wood shavings, pink food color, human hair and crystal resin. The goal was to take a previously useless material and apply it to an everyday product.

The prototype of the low-height Scary lounge chair with reclining back was made using a wielded steel frame that was primed and painted. The resin mould was made with a piece of vacuum formed PVC from a former copy out of blue modeling foam. The designer is currently planning a full-scale model of the Scary chair using a more eco friendly resin.

Scary chair by David Mahoney 1

Scary chair by David Mahoney 2

Scary chair by David Mahoney 3

Scary chair by David Mahoney 4

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