Short Circuit appliances give a new life to old electrical components

With latest home appliances flooding the market in bulk, old appliances are piling up the electronic waste all around the world and affecting the environment adversely. Recycling used kettles, coffee makers and toasters, together with wine bottles and chemistry beakers, designer Gaspard Tiné-Berès, a student at the Royal College of Art London, has come up with a range of home appliances that is not just affordable but also helps in reducing the electronic waste.

Featuring the basic structure finished in natural cork, due to its waterproof, anti-bacterial and insulation characteristics, the new range of home appliances, including a coffee maker, kettles and toaster, can be produced with simple and cost effective manufacturing process. Featuring an uncomplicated design, the Short Circuit home appliances can be repaired or upgraded to meet the individual needs of users with minimum fuss. The recycled home appliances give a new life to old electrical components, while being functional.

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