Slite iron slips into a detachable handle for easy transportation

How often do you have to wear wrinkled clothes, compressed in the luggage, while on a vacation? Considering the fact that people usually prefer to travel light and easy, there is no point in carrying a regular iron in the central compartment of the luggage already filled to its capacity. Offering a solution, here is a compact iron named the “Slite” that slips neatly into the handle for easy transportation.

Based on the idea of a detachable handle, the iron when not in use wraps the entire body inside the handle to take a linear form for easy storage. So the user could pack it in between clothes or at any corner of a suitcase, leaving the main compartment to store other essential stuff. Featuring a detachable power plug to coil it around the iron or to keep it separately in a side pocket, the portable iron becomes a handy appliance for users frequently on the move.

The Slite travel iron comes built-in with a sliding button to allow easy controls. Boasting an ergonomic design, the travel iron is easy to wrap and unpack for instant use.

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