Door designs


Just like the introduction speaks oodles about what type of book it may prove to be, the scenario is very similar in the case of a house, which is introduced by the door. The door is the portal that opens up your world, your space, your home to other people. Therefore, when you consider this, does it not strike you that something needs to be done about your door, that it may stand out as a personality statement even in the midst of everything?? Yes, that is exactly what the door should be, the statement of your character and at the same time, the preface to the rooms that lie beyond.

There are a whole lot of ways to spice up your rather bland door, courtesy of all the innovative design companies and designers who are able to think out of the box.


The simplest thing that you could possibly do is to give your door a whole new hue, a whole new color, which contrasts the rest of the house so much, that it stands out as an independent entity. Apart from that, you could also, instead of getting it painted a basic color such as red or green, you could try out patterns stenciled into the door, such as is the trend nowadays.

You always have the option to get your door done out of glass and metal instead of the conventional wood. Glass, either clear or frosted just spells out sophistication at the slightest glance.


Apart from this, if you do want to get your door done out of wood, you have the option to give it a texture such as an old and sturdy look or a modern look with different shades and tones of paint.

All this painting apart, simple and easy to do methods such as making a statement right o the door itself can be a neat way to show off your style quotient. If you have a quote that you just love, or you can even make up one yourself, just write it down on your door. Use something such as chalk that you may change it from time to time. You could also try out something different such as writing down your house number on the door itself, instead of a separate board for that.

The mind is the key, all you have to do is to let your imagination fly!!

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