Stone Drink Dispenser allows a cool way to dispense your favorite drinks

Stone Drink Dispenser

You may have some of the most sophisticated dispensers in the past but the “Stone Drink Dispenser” by Jeff Henderson that featuring a retro design will allow modern users a cool and creative way to dispense their favorite drinks at their upcoming parties. Handcrafted with natural stones gathered from the coast of New England, the classy drink dispensers come with a harmonizing stainless steel spigot with a stone lever.

Since all the sophisticated drink dispensers are made using natural coastal stones, each dispenser presents one-of-a-kind design and differs from the other to present an exclusive form. Measuring 7″ in width and 7″ in height, the sturdy drink dispenser is available for $125, of course, without the alcohol, which you’ll have to purchase separately, according to your taste and liking.

Stone Drink Dispenser_01

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