Sun Set wall clock tells time the natural way by the position of the Sun

Sun Set wall clock

Inspired by the concept of Natural Time, Andrea Ponsi has designed the Sun Set solar image clock that measures the time according to the sun’s course across the sky. The Sun Set wall clock shows the exact time, the sun’s position in the sky at any particular moment, the times of sunrise and sunset, and the length of the day and the night. Sun Set acts as an intermediary between inside and outside by bringing image of the sky right into our rooms. Like a sundial, it tells the time by the position of the sun. A red dot (representing Sun) moves along a curve, telling you the exact time and position of the sun in the sky at the very moment.

While the minutes can be read on the disk, the months are shown in Roman numerals on the column of the local latitude. The adjustable blue rod indicates the horizon and the users have to set it manually to the current month of the year. The upper portion above the horizon line shows the sun’s course during the day and the lower promotion indicates the sun’s course during the night. The Sun Set clock is battery powered and can be hung anywhere.

The Sun Set solar image clock is made of an aluminum plate created with computerized CNC milling, which accommodates the moving parts, battery-driven motor and the indicators of latitude and month. The Sun Set solar image clock is available as a worldwide limited edition of 99 pieces, each signed by Andrea Ponsi.

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