Swash washing machine is small enough to sit on your tabletop

Petit Laundry Swoosh washing machine

While this tiny tabletop washing machine won’t be able to do big loads of laundry, it seems like luxury for space-crunched apartments. The Petit Laundry Swash washing machine by Japanese firm King Jim is compact enough to sit on your countertop and on the side table. It has a 250g capacity and can wash small clothes, hand towels or your dirty socks, which saves you from the boring job of hand washing the clothes. Moreover, if you have a full-sized washing machine, you won’t have to run it just to wash your small clothes.

The Petit Laundry Swash washing machine has a 15-minute washing cycle and takes three minutes to rinse. Easy to use, the Petit Laundry Swoosh costs about $160. Earlier, we have shown you a few electricity-free washing machines and a guide to help buy the right washing machine.

Swoosh tabletop washing machine

Via: OhGizmo/TrendHunter

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