The $34,000 OOAK chair festooned with precious stones

World's Most Beautiful Chair OOAK

This is the world’s most beautiful chair. That is what Leslie Hamel, the creator of this sparkling chair, gets to listen every time when someone visits her studio.  Two years in the making, the OOAK armchair has chair has about $5000 worth of materials on it, including Swarovski crystals, glass beads, jewels, mirrors, chain, Cabochons and gemstones. The beautiful chair, fit for royal spaces, is 35″ high and 25″ wide with an 18″ high seat. The OOAK chair is completely functional and comfortable to sit on. Leslie has a collection of chairs festooned with precious stones and some of them are in the making as of now.

She began making these chairs rather accidentally. In her career as a costume designer, she always ended up with a surplus of crystals and beads after every tour or production. So, she thought of using the materials to give regular chairs a sparkling makeover.

OOAK Chair Leslie Hamel

Leslie Hamel OOAK chair

Thanks, Leslie Hamel

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