The beauty of Paperback & DVD shelf lies in its own absence

Paperback & DVD shelf Linea1

Boasting clean lines and a minimalist design, the Paperback & DVD shelf from Linea1 has barely any visible support and its whole exquisiteness lies in its own absence. A stylish way to display your volumes and compact discs, the Paperback & DVD shelf hangs onto two special height adjustable supports. Designed by Francesco Apuzzo and Irina Jurasic for Linea1, the shelf accommodates 40 paperbacks or 46 DVDs. The shadow created by the shelf on the wall gives the viewer the feeling of invisible mounting and a sense of lightness.

To create the almost invisible Paperback & DVD shelf, a single laser-cut piece of 1.5 mm galvanized sheet steel has been folded into a stable shape and powder coated in white.

Linea1 Paperback & DVD shelf

Linea1 Paperback & DVD shelf 2

Linea1 Paperback & DVD shelf 1

Linea1 Paperback & DVD shelf 3

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