Walli Sofa by Jenifer Lee for compact urban spaces

Walli Sofa by Jenifer Lee

Designed by Jenifer Lee, in collaboration with Canada’s custom upholstered furniture maker Van Gogh Designs and The Wood Co-op gallery, the Walli Sofa is designed for the small urban spaces with dual functionality. The lounge sofa features a simple slotting system for easy rotation of back cushions, which makes for many possible seating postures for the user. The user can easily disassemble the seat by stacking the cushions and unbolting the legs of the Walli sofa.

The sofa has multifunctional surface and backrests and it can be used for individual or dual seating. The Walli Sofa is made from Douglas fir and Baltic birch plywood, 100 percent organic wool, aluminum and steel alloys.

Walli Sofa by Jenifer Lee 1

Walli Sofa by Jenifer Lee 2

Walli Sofa by Jenifer Lee 3

Cheers! Jenifer Lee

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