‘The Make Room’ web app lets you design your unique living space

Arranging furniture pieces inside your home in the best possible way has never been an easy task considering the fact that you will have to move them around a number of times to see what fits where. Enter “The Make Room,” a free web app from Urban Barn retail store that makes the process of furniture arrangement an easy job. The interactive room planner lets you place furniture and other items in your room design, so that you can visualize your unique living space beforehand. You can design your room layout by dragging and dropping Urban Barn furniture into your plan and you have the freedom to customize everything to suit you space needs.

You can save your designs on the site, email them to your personal IDs or simply print them out for your reference. Icovia has made the software, which has been licensed by many furniture stores to attract customers. You can try ‘The Make Room’ web app here.

Via: LifeHacker

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