Tips to maintain your lawn


Lawn maintenance is best done during spring season. Proper care taken in this season can keep you relaxed for the rest of the year. It maintains the lawn perfectly throughout the remaining year. Some things should be kept in mind in order to ensure perfect growth of the grass.The first step is racking. Racking does not only mean a simple task of removing dried and fallen leaves. A certain level of raking deep inside the ground can help remove thatch and matted patches that generally gather in winters.

Keep a check on the growth of moss. This generally grows where there is dense growth. The best solution to get rid or to prevent moss is aeration. Aeration is best done in the fall. Aeration helps grow healthy grass, and inhibits moss. If you still are worried about the moss growth, then it is best to send the soil samples to check the pH levels. Moss growth means the soil is turning acidic in nature. If that is the case, you can apply lime to the soil, according to its acidic level. If you wish to fertilize your lawn, care should be taken to do light fertilization in spring and more in the fall.

If the soil is fertilized above its optimal level in spring then it can give birth to diseases. Weeds also multiply if there is high amount of fertilization.

Herbicides can also be applied during spring. These avoid weed seedlings to grow. Moreover, some weeds that are perennial in nature should be plucked out before their seeds spread over the lawn.

Another thing that needs to be checked is the lawn mower. It is best used in summer, but it should be maintained throughout the year. A check on its working condition should be done before summer. Damaged or irreparable mowers should be replaced with new ones. Remember, mowing is a must in summer, and the lawn mower should be in a condition to use.

If all these work is too much for you, then you can hire lawn service experts. You can rely on them for a healthier and greener lawn. You simply need to sign an annual contract with them, and they will take proper and regular care of your lawn. If you still insist then you can do some lighter work and leave the rest to the experts.


A few tips in mind, and your lawn will remain healthier and greener. Spring is the best season to repair your lawn, but a good lawn demands work at several points in the year.

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