Toilet sink without flush uses supercritical fluid technology to preserve water

Considering the fact that a major amount of water in contemporary homes is used to keep our toilets clean, the need for water efficient toilets is felt more than ever before. Offering a solution, the Za Architects has developed a smart toilet that employs “Supercritical Fluid” technology to reduce the use of the water to clean toilets. Dubbed as “Toilet Sink without Flush,” the elegant lavatory makes use of the liquid CO2 for flushing that is not just non-explosive and not expensive but also environmentally friendly.

Shutting down the bonnet after each use, the hi-tech toilet also integrates a compressor to inflate the CO2 in the reaction chamber, which constantly maintains 30° temperature. As soon as the fluid pressure exceeds 73ATM, the liquid turns into super fluid to take the excrement to the molecular level and separate water from the lees. The lees is soared in a tank that can be used as fertilizer or dry fuel, while the water can be recycled to water plants or garden.

Locating nozzles and brushes on the lever of the bonnet to clean the revolving seat, the toilet also sanitizes the reaction chamber automatically once the user vacates the toilet. The “Toilet Sink without Flush” apart from presenting a hygienic, trendy design also helps in sustaining the environment by minimizing the use of water in modern homes.


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