Uhrtopie Timekeeper tells time based on human perceptions

The Uhrtopie Timekeeper by Jonas Anthonino Florian Gülker does exactly what a clock is meant to be. It shows us time, but with an unusual emotional twist. It’s a series of beautiful clocks that explores human’s relationship with time and displays time based on human perceptions. While the technique of measuring time is universal, everyone has a different, personal feeling for the fleeting moments. Unlike conventional clocks, the Uhrtopie Tomekeeper shows time according to personal feelings.

The Uhrtopie collection includes two clocks – The Petits Fours and the K64 Timekeeper. The Petits Fours uses the time elements in a distinctive way to show the time. The minute clock works according to our perception of time passing by fast or standing still for some time. The Petits Fours, for example, runs the clock hand very sluggishly for the first five minutes and then moves it speedily for the successive five minutes. It visualizes the quick passage of time

The second clock in the collection is the K64 Timekeeper, which expresses the flow of time and in a way, dissolves the time. It has five fictive points that specify the position of the hour and minute hands. Both the timekeepers tend to play with time in an emotional way.

Via: RedDot

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