Simple Artsy Makeover Tips for Awkward Corners

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Almost all of us would live in a house with at least one awkward corner in it. And the worst part is that the corner would tend to remain awkward no matter what we do to brighten it up. Well, not anymore. Here is a fabulous idea to transform that awkward corner in your home into your very own, personal art gallery. If you are wondering how to go about it, check out the simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Collect the pieces you want to display

The first step to creating your art corner would be to collect all those pictures and art pieces you want to hang up there. Everything from photographs, sketches, drawings and paintings to polaroids, art prints and even your kid’s artwork would be find here. Think out the box and gather things that are important to you as well. These could include ticket stubs, travel maps, concert posters, antique mirrors and even pages from favorite book.

Next, you would need to collect an assortment of picture frames and frame mats. You can do this by visiting local thrift shops or online art shops for them. Try to collect nearly twice as many frames as you would need, as this would give you the opportunity to choose the frames that gel well together while discarding the ones that do not fit in.

Step 2: Get the Corner cleaned up

While you may want to choose a large expanse of wall for your art gallery, this article is about how you would want to transform that awkward corner. So let’s stick to that for now. A corner wall would be the best way to get a quirky, untraditional style as the frames wrap seamlessly from one wall to the next. Clean up the corner wall properly. This means removing any posters or pictures already stuck on it, cleaning it free of dust, grime and chipped paint, and possibly repainting it in a color that would make the frames pop out in sharp contrast.

Step 3: Plan the Layout

Before actually hanging all your collections on the wall, plan a proper layout on what goes where. This is the right time to reconsider your collections and select the right stuff to mount on the wall. Stick to a neutral palette of colors for the artwork, which would enable you to choose from a varied mix of frame styles ranging from black, white, antique, wood, new and metallic, etc. You can also choose to use more variants in your artwork and keep the frames simple on the other hand. In either case, your aim would be to achieve a simple, unique and harmonious look without making the wall look cluttered.

A simple way to plan the layout would be to trace the frames onto individual papers and then cut them out. You can place these paper cutouts next to each other in the same way you would want to hang the frames on the wall. This would enable you to plan a layout that is elegant and efficient. It would also save your wall from all those unused holes you would drill otherwise.

Step 4: Start Hanging Everything

Once you have chosen the perfect arrangement, start copying it onto the walls. Drill holes carefully one at a time as you hang the frames on their corresponding places. It pays to use the same sized nails for all the artworks, so that you do not have a bunch of odd sized nails sticking out of the wall at the end. Make it a point to step back at regular intervals to check if the hangings are proper. While slight variations are permissible, too much of a deviation would change the overall look altogether. Once you are done, step back and take a good look at how the entire gallery turned out. You would be amazed at the results for sure.


If you have an awkward corner wall in your home, you can transform it into a personal art gallery. Follow these steps to achieve the same in a simple, easy and cost effective manner.

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